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Restaurant of the Arche Hôtel : La Grilladine

The Grilladine, Vierzon restaurant in downtown

Enjoy a pleasant moment in our restaurant " La Grillardine " opened only for dinner from Monday to Saturday (from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm)

Traditional French Cuisine in an original decoration and exclusive atmosphere, combination of modernity and strange objects bargain-hunted by the boss!!


Menus from 15€ - 20€   and   9€ for children under 12 years old.


Gastronomic choice.


Our grillings or fish are cooked on volcanic stone.


Don't forget to try warm goat cheese with a glass of local wine - Quincy – Reuilly- Menetou or Sancerre.


Finish your dinner with the famous Tarte Tatin (upside-down apple tart), the local speciality.

If you want to go out at night, you will find lot of restaurants and bars just around the hotel.






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Arche Hôtel  -  13 rue du 11 novembre 1918 - Forum république - 18100 Vierzon - Phone : 02 48 71 93 10 - Fax : 02 48 71 83 63
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The Grilladine Vierzon: The restaurant offers American fare, but also serves traditional French cuisine and regional specialties cooked on volcanic rocks and accompanied by a selection of local wines. You can also enjoy a drink at the bar.

Restaurants in Vierzon, traditional French cuisine, regional specialties cooked on volcanic rock, selection of local wines, enjoy a drink at the bar. Hôtel Vierzon, Hôtel centre-ville, canal de Berry, Vierzon, for families, quality tourism. France.vierzon. 18. Near Bourges and Orléans. Sologne. Motorways A71, A20 and A85. hotel and restaurant. Restaurant. Bar. Near Orléans and 2 hours from Paris. Central France.

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